Distinguished Spa Resort Community

Vision of the community in 10 to 20 years

For over 20 years now, the governments, tourism association and chambers of commerce have viewed Takhini as the best site for building the Yukon’s first resort. With the reality of the resort now finally being firmly established, it is easy to see how Takhini will remain the premier location for resort investments for many years to come. This new reality is really partially due to Takhini’s strategic location and partially due to the clarity and consensus by those at Takhini for its master development plan. Investors and business operators alike can rest assured that the future looks positive and bright for Takhini.

Health, wellness, and learning

What the owners have done for Takhini, moreover, is take a premier location for a resort and then analyze it for market opportunities. The conclusion – of the triad of recreation, education and health opportunities, Takhini is best served by focusing on the health benefits of the natural hot springs and complementing the health aspects of tourism with educational tourism opportunities. Witness the strong success of the neighbouring Yukon Wildlife Preserve and its educational focus.
Given that we are in an era of an aging local and tourism visitor demographic, and given that we are seeing strong growth in health and educational tourism product, we have concluded that health, wellness and learning are a key focus for anchoring the resort and its brand in the marketplace.

Live, play and work

To complement the health and educational aspects of Takhini, are the people who want to live, play and work at Takhini. And what better place to live, play and work than in a resort setting where the forest is the prime element that surrounds you, that provides a setting for you to walk in, ski in, bike in or just wander around in. From the proposed village center to the “barefoot forest walk” you can enjoy in the heart of Takhini at the new hot pool facility, the forest is the glue that binds Takhini together.

The vision truly is to see the built resort become “islands of development in a sea of forest”.