Takhini Hot Springs – Vision for a Resort Spa Community

Welcome to our thriving sustainable resort community! We are thrilled to announce that construction of the world’s first authentic Onsen and Nordic Spa is now underway in Canada’s beautiful Yukon territory.  Set in this majestic landscape, Takhini is a jewel of the north — the vital heart of a community defined by the raw, untamed wilderness that surrounds it.

Takhini is all about creating superb lifestyle and recreational opportunities while protecting the natural resources that sustain this amazing environment. The ancient mineral springs, vibrant forest and plentiful wildlife are the energy sources that fuel the heart and soul of all that Takhini is.  It is these elements that generate unforgettable experiences for everyone who sets foot on the land. As responsible stewards, we want to ensure that this magnificent natural setting continues to be available to all, and so Takhini Hot Springs is guided by core values of sustainability, creativity, and authenticity in all of its activities.   Because of this commitment, Takhini is now emerging as a cultural leader in lifestyle and business opportunities, shaping its objectives by and for the restorative, natural setting of the Canadian north.

Located just 25 minutes from downtown from the Yukon’s capital city, Whitehorse, Takhini offers the best of both worlds – a lifestyle of peace, adventure and freedom lived in the wilderness, and easy access to the services offered by a cosmopolitan urban centre. For investors, residents, entrepreneurs and visitors alike, this community presents many advantages, all driven by the energetic potential this special landscape has to offer.

Our vision says it all. We are dedicated to creating a “back-to-nature,” all-season integrated resort community for Yukoners and adventurous spirits/visitors from around the world.  Building on the Yukon brand of the pure, unadulterated wilderness experience, Takhini is envisioned as an authentic, northern hot-springs oasis, complete with health, recreation and educational opportunities.   This unique resort community offers the investor, visitor, resident, or entrepreneur a place to reconnect with nature and experience the North in all its beauty while thriving in a chosen creative, business, or investment endeavor.

Building on over 50 years as an affordable day-use hot springs pool, Takhini  is now venturing beyond the recreational style hot pool and creating Canada’s first (possibly the world’s first) combined authentic Japanese Onsen hot pools combined with the European Nordic Spa. The new iconic pools will anchor the resort as a health destination, one that helps create and support healthier approaches to northern lifestyles. As a result, Takhini represents the new emerging/cutting edge lifestyle of choice for the environmentally-conscious person who values quality work/life balance, living in a way that enhances, rather than sacrifices, personal and planetary health. The key words informing the Takhini community are:  sustainability, integrity, creativity, aesthetics, natural living, ethical investment and wealth.

An Invitation to Experience a new kind of Investment and Lifestyle

By now you will now have a sense that an investment in Takhini offers much more than the potential for financial return:  it is an investment in a new way of living. No matter how you choose to become involved, Takhini will offer you the chance to discover what it means to experience authentic living on the edge of one of the world’s greatest wilderness areas.

The energy of Takhini is formed by the vast beauty of the Yukon and surrounding bordering regions of northern British Columbia, Alaska and Northwest Territories. To illustrate this point, consider the vast B.C. Tatenshini / Alsek Park which together with the Yukon’s bordering Kluane National Park and Alaskan Wrangel St. Elias Park that make up the largest contiguous protected wilderness space in the world.

The strength of being located next to such parks and the region’s wilderness areas as a whole at such a vast and almost unimaginable scale contributes to the feeling of limitless possibility when it comes to examining opportunities that complement the North’s wilderness brand and environmental ethic. Integrating forward-looking ways towards healthy living, investments, work, career, family living and playful / artistic activities that build on this brand is in a nutshell what Takhini is all about. We will share our ideas with you about what is currently underway, and what we imagine to be possible, but in essence, your imagination is the limit of what can be created in this community.

Get to Know Us/Join us

We invite you to join us in building Takhini! Become part of the community — help define it, support its growth as a healthy place to visit, live, work, play, learn, heal and invest. This is your chance to uncover a new way of being that respects sustainable values and doesn’t sacrifice quality to do so.  Living, working, and investing in Takhini means enhancing all aspects of wellness, including holistic ways to engage in business, leisure and travel. We are all about lifestyle, and make no mistake, the unique and special place that is Takhini boasts a lifestyle that rivals the best on the planet.

Tour the Website

Take a tour of our website to get a sense of why a growing number of people are so excited about our integrated resort community. In these virtual pages, we hope to impart a sense of the feeling we all get at Takhini — of being reconnected to our natural, healthier, grounded selves. We find that living this way supports us to flourish creatively and financially in business and leisure activities.  At Takhini we thrive as we sustain and are sustained by the land, believing that we are, as the First Nations say, “a part of the land and the water.”

Of course our invitation to explore extends beyond taking a tour of this website — we invite you to further experience Takhini as a welcome visitor and potential investor, business operator, or resident.  Please contact us to enjoy Takhini first hand – no matter what level of interest you bring to the experience – as a potential investor, vacationer, home-owner, artist, or entrepreneur — it is a place that will change your life, for life.