Join a growing business community

Businesses help communities provide the services they need to thrive. Takhini is already home to a number of businesses and associations that serve our resort community and the Whitehorse area. But as a growing resort community with as yet unrealized potential, we know that there is significant room for growth in the numbers and kinds of businesses that can be created at Takhini. For this reason, we invite you to consider setting up shop at Takhini.

Through sound market research, and lots of hands-on experience, we have identified an array of creative business ownership opportunities that could help you take advantage of the current momentum in Takhini. We encourage you to contact us to explore these suggestions and any original ideas  you may have – we are open-minded, enthusiastic, and ready to support and hear you!   The only limits are those determined by your entrepreneurial ingenuity — in other words, the Yukon sky is the limit!

Some suggestions:


Takhini is well-positioned to take full advantage of the emerging one-mile diet trend, which is designed to take us back to a healthier approach to food and nutrition. Creating resources for a one-mile diet allows us to build food security, generate a strong agricultural value-added product, and establish a lifestyle business that promises to provide for retirement.

Imagine a resort farm of berry and vegetable fields, greenhouses, nurseries and botanical gardens! Now imagine the agri-tourism opportunities associated with farm tours and retail value-added products produced from the farmland. This is the farm opportunity at Takhini, and it is a very real prospect for the right person or family.

We have already designated parcels of land on our properties for all of these farm and agri-tourism activities, and as an added incentive, we even have a freshly renovated historical log & stone home available for a farming family to live in, either as tenant, lease-to-purchase, or outright purchase.


Yukoners love their bakeries, so this would be an excellent addition to the Takhini community.  We believe a Takhini “Bakery in the Woods” would do well synergistically combined with a laundromat, as no laundry facilities exist north of Whitehorse for hundreds of kilometers up the highway and there is a high need for these services amongst locals in the area and visitors to the springs.  Just imagine customers who can enjoy excellent coffee, baked goods and atmosphere while waiting for their clothes to wash and dry.

Brew Pub
“Takhini Springs Ale” is seeking a brew-master!  The current craze for brew-pubs and microbreweries appears to be unstoppable.  The Yukon hosts 2 operators already, and market demand still seems open to another micro-brewery. Takhini presents an optimum setting for the creation of a brew pub, as the low-cost heat from the geothermal heat supply complements brewing requirements for heat. This is the perfect time to take advantage of a burgeoning market and develop a specialty product that will attract customers who are already on-site as well as bring in locals and tourists for a specialty brew.  What better way to honour the land than to create a delicious ale that captures its spirit? This is an aspiring brew-master’s dream…..
Meetings/Events Venue

Takhini has already demonstrated how successful a retreat center capturing the Whitehorse area meeting & events market can be in this location. The former Hotsprings Valley retreat, consisting of an architecturally-unique renovated barn and 14 framed cabins dressed up as wall tents, operated successfully from 2005 – 2013. What happened? A long-term tenant came along and rented the facility on a long-term basis.The new hostel reports significant continued interest in a meeting venue, but it does not have a large meeting room that can accommodate more than 10 – 15 people. The opportunity at Takhini is clear: a meeting and events venue for larger groups can capture the summer wedding market, conferences, retreats, family reunions, festivals, etc. We believe its just a matter of time before this “low hanging fruit” business opportunity is tackled.

Northern Lights Viewing and Tour Operator

Takhini is the ideal base for a tour operator, with land costs half that of Whitehorse, and over 60,000 clients who annually frequent the resort. A tour operator can take advantage of the strategic location of the hot springs and as an on-site operator, enjoy preferential access to renting the hot pools. This is of course in addition to the opportunities for local and regional touring that other tour operators enjoy.Takhini currently offers northern lights viewing events for clients staying in our vacation homes, hostel and campground. The former Hotsprings Valley Retreat also catered to northern lights clients. The market knowledge we have garnered over the years can be very helpful to setting up a successful tour operator business at the hot springs, and what better way to get into this business than by buying real estate at the springs for your tour business?  With a hot springs, observatory, northern lights viewing, midnight sun, wildlife preserve, fine food and more coming to the area, what better time than now to look at setting up your own tour business?

General Store
Notoriously successful in areas of high traffic, a general store would be the perfect addition to the resort community at Takhini.  We are envisioning a place offering a range of retail products, and the authentic approach we suggest to resort development suggests a “made in Yukon” and “grown in Yukon” approach. While realistically we consider a general store to be a future project due to the need to generate a traffic flow that can support such a venture, we believe planning cannot begin soon enough!
Vacation Homes

We are now ready to add larger vacation homes (in the range of 1000 to 2000 square feet) to complement the two current and smaller vacation homes currently operating at Takhini. While we are confident that there is a viable market for larger vacation homes in the Yukon, the market remains largely unexplored.We are seeking enthusiastic investors and operators who ideally are willing to study this opportunity, create the necessary business plan, and then invest and set up the business.  There is likely a requirement at this time to also examine the possibility of implementing a reservation system to market and facilitate business and possibly link all accommodation operators. With price points varying among the various business operators at Takhini, we believe the development of vacation homes will be a viable and profitable approach for the whole of the resort community.

To explore these and any other opportunities you may want to pursue at Takhini, we encourage you to contact us. Let’s put our heads together and make things happen!

Artists’ Village

We are envisioning studio, living, and gallery space in a location that exceeds most artists’ dreams. The village itself will be a work of art designed and overseen by the artists, providing an aesthetic centre and focus that will further define and enhance the Takhini experience.

B&B / Inn
Currently, the Yukon is under-served in the B&B / Inn market, especially for higher end properties with 5 rooms or more. At Takhini, two of the main owners have over 15 years’ experience in operating a five-star B&B and they are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. This is an excellent investment/business opportunity just waiting to be picked up by the right investor / operator, or by a team approach of entrepreneur operator and financier.
Culinary Facility

We are now seeking an investor/restauranteur with the vision and energy to move forward with a fine dining venue that offers the required triple combination of food, atmosphere and service worthy of a world-class spa resort. We see a restaurant with fine dining, a spa diner area, take-out, off sales, catering and later even room service to reach into the full market opportunity. Our current restaurant operator, Cafe Balzam, is already showing how slow food and local sourcing is a successful strategy for attracting clientele to Takhini.Overlooking Takhini’s lovely, tranquil pond, such a new restaurant facility has all the makings to be a game-changer for the Whitehorse food scene.  When Café Balzam closes in 2018 or 2019 to make way for these changes, the new restauranteur’s concept for a world class culinary facility can be fully scoped and ready to implement.

Lodge / Hotel

It has been over 30 years since the last new hotel in a new hotel building opened in Whitehorse. The key challenges prohibiting development have been construction costs that are so high that an investor cannot build and then offer a room rate that would be acceptable to the marketplace. In other words, the standard model of build it and they will come just does not work for larger hotel projects.We think the time is right for a new approach to lodging, which we anticipate will result in a profitable 80-100 room facility at Takhini. We note that such a facility would be separate from the destination spa, Inn, motel, or B & B that may also be developed at Takhini. The concept we are suggesting here is to build a lodge or hotel that is connected by way of indoor heated corridor to the exercise, culinary, and new hot pool facilities. In other words, in winter, at -30C, clients will be able to walk in their bathing suit and bathrobe indoors down the corridor to the new hot pool facility, enjoying the winter sunshine brightening the half-frozen pond outside in plain view.

Please contact us for more information about this project.  Now that we are redeveloping the pools, the time is right for moving on getting a larger accommodation venue ready for the marketplace.

Discovery Centre

The intention behind the Discovery Center is to offer a commercially-driven reservation and travel agency component to complement the many attractions, events, activities, accommodations and dining opportunities that are being created at Takhini. An information center as well as a place to “get your stay and plan organized”, the Discovery Center is really a place that makes your trip to Takhini and to the Yukon a pleasure to organize. Ideally the Discovery center will offer products that will enhance client knowledge, experience and interests.We foreseee the Discovery Center located in the heart of the village, next to the new hot pool facility, near the Astronomical Society’s planned planetarium and theater, and also near to the planned hot springs interpretive center. It may be that the best synergies for such a Center is to have it combined with a tour operator business.

Resort Motel
One of our current land owners (Marc Goudreau) is now seeking investors and operators for the ten small, self-contained motel units on sites that have already been cleared for the purpose.  These will serve the approximately 100,000 “drive-by” Americans who currently travel between the lower 48 and Alaska each year. Additionally, the many “fly and drive” travelers who come to vacation in the Yukon from around the world would find this venue attractive. As with all of our endeavours, we try to come up with an original and winning business concept, so we offer as a starting point the approach of imagining the first “Tiny House Motel” of the north…. Roadway, power, water all on site, this project is ready to go!