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Who we are & What we do

The Hot Springs Resort Trails Society was founded in 2013 by a small group of resort owners, staff and residents. Today, the board consists of President Carla Pitzel, Treasurer Fay Tangermann and Directors Gunter Glaeser and Christian Berneche. About a dozen members get together every year for a work bee on the trails and potluck BBQ or bonfire. In winter, the trails are track-set for cross country skiing. We also hold different fundraising events to raise money for trail work.

Essentially protected by registered easement, the main Perimeter Trail represents a 4 meter wide sandy trail that winds 3.72km through the hot springs lands — through valleys, along eskers, winding up and down through hillsides, snaking through valley bottoms, and generally providing the user with an appreciation of the beautiful flora and fauna that represents this northern boreal forest setting.

From the Perimeter Trail, one can veer off onto the Hilltop Trail, and spend an hour or two climbing almost 200 meters up through the boreal forest, past cliff-sides and exposed bedrock slabs, to reach the summit of Hot Springs Mountain. 2017 is planned as the year that the trail network on the western side of the property will be completed, adding almost another 3km to the trail network and essentially completing the trail network for the entire property. At a total length of about 8.5km, hikers and walkers will be able to enjoy a complete work-out just by walking the entire trail system — all of it on the Takhini lands. 

Whether it is a walk with a few friends or with the dog, a ski outing, snowshoeing, or bicycling, its always a treat to come out for a health break and soak up the healing effects of the pine, poplar and willow forest at Takhini Hot Springs Resort.

Trails Network Map

When using the trails, please comply with the following common sense guidelines:

Stay on the trail – the trails cross privately-owned lands, and land owners ask people to not walk off the trails and to not trespass on their land. Remember, there are virtually no fences here as we wish to keep the lands in as natural a state as possible. It is impossible to tell by visual cues when you are on private land approaching someone’s home or business. Please follow the trail signage.

Walk with a friend and carry bear spray — we are on the edge of a vast wilderness, sharing the land with bear, caribou, moose, elk, martens, coyotes, wolves, fox, lynx, deer and many other animals. Bears, or their tracks, have been seen on and around the trails every summer. Stay on the trail, carry bear spray, and pay attention to what is happening in the forest. Learn bear safety rules before you go out, and use them to be safe! If you are walking alone, let someone know where you are and when you plan to be back.

Dogs on leash – please bring a bag to pick up after your dog, or use one of those we provide for this purpose. Also, please keep your dog on a leash. This prevents encounters and harassment with wildlife or other dogs using the trail. Both the leash and poop & scoop are mandatory on the trails.

Respect Tracked Ski Trails – ski trails are set by volunteers a few times during the winter. Please do not walk or snowshoe on the tracked side of the trail.

Enjoy your walk! – staying alert and engaged will help you get to know your surroundings, identify birds and wildlife, and learn about the fascinating and subtle aspects of the Yukon wilderness. Be prepared, be safe, adhere to the guidelines, and you will be sure to have a unique and memorable experience walking our beautiful trails!

Contact :
Carla Pitzel President
Hot Springs Resort Trails Society
Box 20423
Whitehorse. Yukon
Canada Y1A 7A2
Telephone: 867-668-7639