Let’s build the world’s first 5 diamond Onsen and Nordic Destination Spa

Takhini offers an ideal location for a “North of 60” 5 diamond destination spa. Just 30 minutes from an international airport with current connections to Frankfurt, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna and Yellowknife/Ottawa, Takhini’s location is simply superb for those world travellers enjoying top quality destination spas. Our market study has shown that for a Takhini destination spa to be successful, it will have to brand itself on the Yukon’s world-class wilderness, incredible scenery, themes of midnight sun and northern lights, First Nations culture and wildlife viewing opportunities that make an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. 

Northern location, northern location, northern location.

Having a natural hot springs located so close to Whitehorse, and yet right on the doorstep of an incredibly vast wilderness is not enough in itself. Takhini wants to distinguish itself through the unique marriage of authentic Onsen and Nordic Spa facilities, facilities that bring together the best of the European and Asian balneology traditions. These, complemented with the  facilities offered as a “back to nature” themed healing and rejuvinating destination spa, are seen as the best ingrediants in creating a world-class spa. 

Natural Hot Pools

Natural hot springs lend themselves to natural-style hot pools. Authenitic Onsen are based on several non-negotiable requirements:

1. using  natural rock for pool basin materials

2. incorporating a flow-through design

3. using only the natural spring water coming out of the earth as it always has, without any filtration, without any heating or cooling, without any chlorination (“pure, unfiltered, and hot”)

4.  creating a space for bathers to completely cleanse themselves

Takhini is fortunate to have the right hot water, at the right temperature, to meet these exacting standards. Takhini is also currently working with regulatory agencies to be able to deliver a 100% natural product for the first time in a Canadian commercial facility.

Next Steps

If you are feeling “hooked on Takhini”, its time to contact us (call Garry at 867-335-7639) and start the discussion on how best to approach this incredible opportunity…. the only one of its kind in northern Canada…. there really is only one Takhini-style opportunity.