Nighthawk Developments

We named our company in honour of the nighthawks that have for many years frequented the cliffs and valley features on the northwest corner of the hot springs lands.

Nighthawk Developments has created the first condominium property at the hot springs. Currently comprising 2 units, the NOLS operations located in the bottom of the valley represents the first condo unit, and the second unit is a beautiful Evergreen Homes on a stunning hillside perch just above the hot pool facility.  We intend to build up to 6 more condo units on this 10 hectare property, and we believe that 3 of these units would would be considered “top picks”. Why top picks? Simple, the butte and hillside locations for these 3 vacation homes are simply outstanding, with 2 of them literally located on cliff-sides creating a cliff-side perch with spectacular mountain views. Contact me for more information.

Erik Umbrich