Property Owners Association

Who we are

The Takhini Hot Springs Owners Association represents all property and condo unit owners at the hot springs.

Lot 1533 & 1534, 535875 Yukon Inc., contact Marc Goudreau
Lot 1535: Takhini Hot Springs Ltd., contact Garry Umbrich
Lot 1536: 45666 Yukon Inc. contact Carla Pizel or Garry Umbrich
Lot 1537: 41607 Yukon Inc., Christian Berneche, contact Christian Berneche
Lot 1538: Fay Tangermann, Gunter Glaeser, contact Fay Tangermann
Lot 1539: 9894 Yukon Ltd., contact Erik Umbrich
Lot 1539 Condo Unit “A”: Joe Glynn, contact David Couke
Lot 1540: Takhini Hot Springs Ltd., site of new hot pool facility, President: Garry Umbrich
Lot 1541: Takhini Hot Springs Ltd., site of future destination spa, contact Garry Umbrich
Lot 1095: Takhini Hot Springs Ltd., site of 9 homes by Evergreen Homes, contact Joe Glynn

What we do

The Association has been formed to guarantee that owners have “security, community participation and enhanced property values.” To this end, the Association has been charged with implementing the hot springs planned community charter (Takhini Hot Springs Resort Lands Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions).

How we work together

In 2013, THS Ltd. shareholders launched a new era in the evolution of the hot springs by signing off on a planned community charter. This essentially added all new property owners and condo unit owners as key stakeholders in the management and stewardship of those lands sold by Takhini Hot Springs Ltd.

As the first community of this kind in the Canadian North, Takhini is at the cutting edge of planned communities worldwide. Its unique environment and sustainable value system distinguish it from the more typical planned residential communities one finds elsewhere. At this time, Takhini is zoned as primarily tourist commercial, and only secondly as a resort community with limited residential development. Accordingly, the charter document provides for both the commercial and residential aspects of the property. The Association’s main responsibility is to provide stewardship to the community by using a “whole community” approach.

Taking your place

Once you become a Takhini land, home, or condo owner you will automatically gain entry to the association and have a voice in the management and stewardship of the resort lands. For this reason, we talk about an “integrated resort,” using a “holistic approach” and building a community based on environmental, economic, and social sustainability. At Takhini your hard-earned money and work secures a place and a significant voice in the future of a unique and growing community.