Sustainable Development of Eco-Spa Resort Community

Our mission is simple: we aim to create a network of ethical, sustainable, profitable businesses, driven by the twin anchors of Takhini’s affordable day-use hot pool facility, and the top-quality destination spa resort. The hot springs source, our “raison d’etre,” is at the core of our vision and mission. The natural artesian thermal mineral spring is the physical and creative center of the resort, acting as the magnet for progress based on sustainable development in our resort community model.

By insisting that all Takhini developments guarantee the preservation of the springs and vast expanses of the 305 acres of surrounding forested lands, we can be confident that we are offering the best experience to our community of residents and visitors. By becoming carbon-neutral and fossil-fuel free, we extend these values beyond our community to the planet as a whole.

Natural Hot Springs in the Yukon Wilderness

Let us tell you a bit about our hot springs….

According to geological evidence, the Takhini spring has been running for hundreds – if not thousands – of years.  Recent records confirm that this ancient, powerful source of artesian water consistently produces an astonishing volume of 86 gallons (387 litres) of 46.5C water (116F) per minute. That’s a half-million litres of pristine, health-supporting, mineral-rich water per day, or to provide a better visual image, 500 cubic meters of hot water every day.

The Cycle of the Hotsprings

The unique character of the Takhini spring is created/established during its cyclical journey into the core of the earth and back up to the land again. Snow and rain percolate down from the surrounding mountaintops, traveling deep into intersecting faults within the earth. While underground this water is heated to a maximum temperature of approximately 95C before cooling on its return to the pools near the surface of the ground. The underground storage of mineral springs water in the “Whitehorse complex” is calculated at a minimum of 12.75 million cubic meters which is equivalent to the size of a lake 13 kilometers long, 1 kilometer wide and 1 meter deep. And that is a minimum – for all we know, it could be ten times that amount or more!

Water at such high temperatures dissolves minerals in huge quantities, and creates the strongly mineralized waters at Takhini. Calcium, magnesium, sodium, silica, potassium and iron, as well as sulfure and other minters characterize Takhini, and the highest concentrations create the label of Takhini as a calcium-sulphate hot spring.

This entire journey of water migration from mountain tops and mountain slopes down into and through the earth’s mantel and then up to the surface and out onto the land at Takhini takes a minimum of 70 years to complete (but we don’t know if it only takes 70 years or 700 years to complete). As a result, when you step into the hot mineralized waters at Takhini hot springs, you are stepping into waters that carry with them the elements of the land, from deep within the earth,  elements that heal the body, and warmth that heals the soul. We have dozens and dozens of regulars who swear by the healing waters of Takhini and the healing it has provided for them over any decades of regular use.

Building a vibrant community for residents, visitors and business owners

While hot water may be at the core of Takhini, building a community based on sustainable values is the new focus going forward. Community is where we put our efforts to define who we are and what we stand for in a very real way. In so doing we have created a statement of values that reflects our vision and mission, as outlined below:

Quality relations in all our facilities, activities, products, services and human

Sustainability environmental, economic, and social

Good relations with both local and First Nations neighbours and others sharing our values and vision

Participation for those who wish to be actively and responsibly involved

Respect & Responsibility for the rural community, the wilderness and the hot springs setting

Healthy approaches to achieving a healthy THS community and resort

Business, investment and real estate opportunities

Our community presents a number of compelling investment and real estate opportunities for you to consider:

5-Diamond Destination Spa
If you are a large investor you will definitely want to consider becoming a part of our unique Yukon-style luxury destination spa.  For information about the spa’s overall plan and exciting features, click here.

Land – Strata and Bare Land Condominiums
To protect our fragile environment while at the same time alienating land for private ownership, we have opted to utilize the condominium model and planned-community approach. Six ten-hectare parcels have been sold to individuals and / or their business corporations, and 2 of these 6 parcels are seeing condominium development as a means of creating business and residential condominium units. In 2017 a 3rd condominium corporation on a 3rd parcel of land is being prepared for, this one hosting the new hot pool facility, 9 residential homes and space for an 80 – 100 room hotel, a village center, and an agri-tourism business with greenhouses / vegetable & berry fields / nursary / botanical garden.

In general, the opportunities for development center upon opportunities that complement a tourism focused resort community centered upon the hot springs facilities, all located in a wilderness setting next to Whitehorse, the Yukon’s capital with its direct air access to Frankfurt, Yellowknife & Ottawa, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton. Using condominium ownership enveloped by a planned community charter, the sky is the limit in creativity and scope of investment.

For example, this year (2016) Whitehorse’s premier home builder, Evergreen Homes and Construction, is constructing 3 homes at Takhini, with breathtaking views of the Ibex Range and Takhini Valley. Next year they plan to construct 9 homes. The Yukon Astronomical Society, a member of the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society, is currently setting up their observatory next to the proposed five diamond destination spa, and their vision is to complement the observatory with a planetarium and theatre next to the new day use hot pool facility currently starting construction. The first vacation homes have just opened, the new 20 bed hostel and campground building opened its doors last year. Things are moving at Takhini, and the next pages help outline our best take on what the future opportunities are.