Invest in the Yukon. Invest in your future

Are you a potential investor looking for a home to park your money? Or possibly an investor looking for the right entrepreneur to pair up with?  We understand your investment needs, because we at Takhini are all investors ourselves, having committed our life savings in some cases to bring our resort community to fruition.

We will carefully help you look for investments that match you needs. In many cases at Takhini, this means matching investors with entrepreneurs to optimize the success of our new business ventures.

When considering your involvement at Takhini, we want to highlight how important it is to take note of the exceptionally robust nature of the Yukon tourism industry. Trends show that over the past number of years, the Yukon consistently enjoys more tourism on a per capita basis than any other province or territory in Canada.  And the number of visitors to the Yukon and the money they spend while here continues to steadily increase — even while the rest of the country has experienced flat or negative growth over the past number of years after the 2008 recession.  All of this means that a future investment in the Yukon, on any level, can be a highly promising prospect indeed.  Our growth over the past 8 years underlines the value of Takhini as an exciting place to live, work, recreate, and prosper in a truly collaborative, innovative business and investment environment.

Opportunity for the First 5 Diamond Destination Spa in the Circumpolar North

Let us be clear — we are firmly committed to working with investors to satisfy the market that caters exclusively to the high-end of destination spas. Why? To summarize the results from our spa market study:

…if you build a destination spa in the Canadian North, and if you brand it as a “back-to-nature, edge of wilderness” experience, centered on a 100% natural artesian thermal mineral spring, with soil-based organic cuisine grown on site, and with a spa design and spa programming that matches the health needs and the cultural attributes of the Canadian North… the best opportunities are for a high-end facility that caters to travelers who circle the globe enjoying spa experiences that are authentic and provide them with the experiences they are seeking from that destination.

The inspiration and confidence of this vision is rooted in the fact that we have a clear understanding of the resources we need to develop this centerpiece 5-Diamond Yukon Hot Springs Destination Spa. We have the water and the land, we have the location and the air access, we have the knowledge and understanding of “what it takes” to turn this plan into reality. By leveraging our resources and combining them with the appropriate financial and operational resources for such a facility, we believe we can create an incredible product that will bring success for decades to come.

A destination spa at Takhini, in the Canadian North, featuring complementary facilities and activities such as flight seeing in Kluane, world class wildlife viewing, incredible wilderness fishing lodges, and interesting local venues such as the planned observatory, the northern lights viewing, experiencing the midnight sun, wildlife viewing at the neighboring Yukon Wildlife Preserve, and of course the fantastic hot springs facilities… these are the pieces of the puzzle we bring to the table. What we need to make this happen are the significant investment dollars and the high-end facility management skills. The payoff will be a destination spa experience like no other on the planet. This we know to be true. Please contact us to talk about the possibilities you may see for yourself in this adventure.

Other investment and real estate opportunities

Beyond the iconic destination spa, there are a number of business, investment and real estate opportunities, some of which have already been identified in the previous section.

Real Estate – Invest

In general, Canadian real estate prices have remained quite high, showing resilience in the face of the recent “great recession” which hit the U.S. market with such force.  In the much smaller market of the Yukon, however, real estate has experienced a downturn over the past few years as mining has experienced a significant downturn. Negative economic growth in the territory during the past 3 years has however been combined with the good news that tourism has been growing. As with many areas in the circumpolar north, government funding stabilizes the economy, and the fact that over a third of all workers are employed by one level of government or another translates into a stable environment for investment.

Now with gold prices steadily increasing, and the fact that the Yukon has a well-established gold mining sector, we believe the current outlook for Yukon real estate market is one of recovery. Add to this the powerful influence of our growing tourism sector to the picture and it’s clear that 2016 and 2017 are a good time to invest. And as you already know, early investors benefit from the best prices, so this means that right now is a good time to buy into Takhini. Call us if you want to chat about investment opportunities… we are keen to talk to you about prospects for investment and how best to meet your needs.

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